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The Srimad Bhagavad Gita in English retold and read for you by Tavamithram Sarvada


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A person who has mastered his or her mind has arrived and can achieve almost anything. Everything begins in the mind. Self-doubt and other negative thoughts also originate in the mind. Controlling the mind is like trying to control the mind. However, as Bhagavan Krishna says in Shloka 6:35 from the Srimad Bhagavad Gita given above, controlling the mind is possible, but through practice and dispassion. Chanting and intoning Sanskrit Mantras correctly, have a magical effect on the mind and it facilitates the controlling of it.

Mantras are spiritually empowered magical syllables, words, phrases or quatrains in Sanskrit. Mantras are chanted, sung, said aloud or even repeated in the mind. They have tremendous power and they can greatly influence the state of your mind.

Sanskrit is an ancient but perfect language.  It may initially seem complex, which it is, but when you begin to learn it, you will know that it is highly logical and also beautiful. The sounds of this Divine Language are enchanting and simply wonderful.

People who meditate listening to Divine and Powerful Sanskrit Mantras, undergo brilliant experiences and they feel stronger, healthier and much more powerful than ever before.

The Mantras listed on the Index of Mantras Page are in a particular order.  The reason why we always begin with Ganesh Mantras is to prepare the mind to enter a different mental plane. Chanting Ganesh Mantras help you in disconnecting with whatever you were doing before you sat down for meditation. They help to remove all unwanted thoughts that act as ‘obstacles’ in your attempt to reach a meditative state.